Living in the Past

Gimmick Returns

Oh thank God: "For those who didn't get to sample the meaty menu item, KFC is offering one more chance: Starting April 21, the Double Down will return to the fast-food chain." In case you have forgotten, the definitive review of that, uh, foodstuff, appeared here four years ago.


Books Liked

"'My American Revolution' gives geography and meteorology overdue recognition as historical catalysts, pointing out, for example, that strategically placed 18th-century signal points metamorphosed into cold war missile sites and finally into 9/11 memorials, in a trajectory that suggests a continuum. A revolution, after all, is something that orbits, or comes full circle, which Sullivan eventually does in a world 'before straight lines ruled the day.' The reader more or less returns to the starting point, but with a brand-new perspective." —There was a fairly glowing review of Robert Sullivan's My American Revolution in this weekend's Times Book Review. Back in August, Sullivan took us on a tour of [...]


Why We Shake

Do you have questions about how earthquakes happen? Sure ya do! Well, head here for some answers. There are drawings and stuff that make it easier to follow.


Baby Cake Parties, Again

"Gender cake parties," in which an expectant couple learns the sex of their incipient offspring through the medium of flour, sugar eggs and frosting, are suddenly in the news. Of course, it is probably not news to you if you read Awl pal Lizzie Skurnick's extensive meditation on the practice last month. What's that? You missed it? Well, it's right here! Enjoy.


Letting Go Of "Lost"

Won't someone come to the aid of this poor person?

My offer is that I will buy you breakfast (anywhere you want) in exchange for an hour of your time and intimate knowledge of the TV series Lost. First, a bit of background: 1) I have seen every episode of Lost 2) I’m not a complete idiot 3) But I’m not a Mensa member either. Also, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why don’t you just look the information on the ‘ol World Wide Web?” Well, I have a series of questions that aren’t really answered by specific web posting(s). And while one posting might answer one question it [...]


A Year Ago Today: Paul Ford

As cutbacks and labor strife roil the waters at venerable magazine institution Harper's, perhaps now would be a good time to look back at our chat with Paul Ford, who was then serving as the publication's web editor. Many of the issues discussed there still resound today!


Let's Briefly Mention That Unpleasant Thing That Happens Today

"You, yes you, can do your taxes this year. Many of you are done, most of you haven't started, and a few of you are freaking out. Some of you are thinking: what if I just don't file? What will happen if I don't pay? What if I didn't file last year or the year before that?"


Writing Good

Here is a very large list of last year's notable music writing, some of which may seem familiar to those of you who have been with us for a while.


Why We Fight [Spoiler: It's REALLY HOT]

Hot out there, huh? You're mopping the sweat from your brow as we speak, right? You're tired and out-of-sorts and generally irritated. Basically, you want to punch someone. It's okay to admit it. We all do. It is a natural part of summer in the city.


Happiness: How To Be It

The New Scientist takes an in-depth look at the subject of happiness, specifically the ways in which one can achieve it. I'm sure there's plenty of valuable information over there, so do check it out, but if you're pressed for time here's a quick cheat-sheet.


Snow And How To Shovel It

Sure, you could read the New York Times's guide to shoveling snow, but perhaps you might find our comprehensive manual on the subject more entertaining. It is certainly a lot more sweary, which has got to count for something.


Nothing Salt Can Stay

Is East Village roastbeefaria This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef closed for good? That would be a shame, there are so many memories from our early days as a food vertical.


The JFK/OWS Connection

You catch that thing on Friday where the New York Times brought together an Occupy Wall Street protester and a Wall Street broker to discuss the issues? (For the purposes of this post let's pretend that you did.) Well, if the protester seemed a little familiar (again, just go with it), there's a good reason: he's the guy who jumped the baggage carousel at JFK at the beginning of the year. We chatted with him back in February. Small world!


When's The Last Time You Talked About Vampire Weekend?

Man, remember when Vampire Weekend's Contra was, like, a big deal? It seems so long ago!


Why Women Have A Harder Time After A Break Up

In case you've forgotten, or simply never knew in the first place, the age-old question of why women take break ups harder than men do was answered with authoritative finality on this very site one year ago today. Maybe it's time for a refresher course?


A Year Ago Today: Underparenting The Sweary Child

"My parents raised me with rules and standards, which I gradually learned to break over time. I can remember my mother remonstrating with me, probably in the middle-school years, for my overreliance on 'holy crap.' It was no doubt a relief to my father when I devolved into full foul-mouthed teenagerhood and he could go back to saying "dog-fucking son of a bitch" during Eagles games or whenever. But he didn't try to speed up the process."