Let the Games Begin!

Elizabeth Warren Already Getting Concern-Trolled in Boston

@fox25gene @shannonmulaire elizabeth warren was a hot mess yesterday. And wth is going on with her hair? She is "absurd" and I'm appalled!

— Dani Lyn Henderson (@DibbaDo) November 9, 2012

They're already turning on Elizabeth Warren up in Boston, after her first brief presser; (she begins serving on January 3, 2013). She spoke to the press for "less than 12 minutes"! Can you imagine? "Uncertain"! "Impatient"! "Terse"! And what IS up with her hair? How dare she not have her hair done for this.


Kinda Hot Crazy Dude In Charge of Chicago Now

Rahm Emanuel killed them in yesterday's election in Chicago, receiving more than twice the number of votes than the runner-up, Gery Chico, who has the name recognition of a smelly and obscure Asian fruit. (And more than six times the votes of Carol Moseley Braun, the only African-American woman to ever be elected to the U.S. Senate.) Now, Rahm will begin killin' em for real! I almost wish I lived in Chicago, taking your Ravenswood trains and going to, uh, the Loop I guess, on pretend business. Chicago is basically The Matrix, right? That's good, because Rahm is pretty much your Sims mayor.