Jersey Mayhem

People Pretend To Debate Whether Or Not Chris Christie Can Be Considered A "Victim"

If you are anything like me you are enjoying the current Chris Christie imbroglio way too much, so you should probably read this so your joy can at least be better-informed than what you get from the front of the tabloids.


Watch Out For People From Jersey

People in the Garden State are either packing heat or riddled with mumps, so it is probably safer to avoid them either way.


Jersey Mayhem: Knife-Happy Road Rager Busted In Mall Parking Lot

Apart from certain MTV-related mishegas, it's been a relatively mayhem-free week in New Jersey. But there is this: "Police: Ocean Township man threatened motorist with knife for driving too slow." From the Asbury Park Press: "According to police, [a 19-year-old] pulled alongside a 2009 Hyundai he had initially been unable to pass and threatened the car passenger with a knife. The driver of the car, a 23-year-old woman from Howell, called police as she drove into the parking lot of the Seaview Mall." When you think about it, this story is really a classic example of Jersey mayhem.