Summer Fashion Foreboding

"The socks-with-sandals look has undergone a gradual rebranding to its now-cool status, Quinn said. Designer Kate Spade helped revive it by showing closed-toe pumps with fun socks. Tory Burch showed socks with flats, and in their ready-to-wear Spring 2014 show, Band of Outsiders paired socks with flat and heeled sandals." Socks with sandals, men in very short shorts, the return of crop tops—it's gearing up to be a miserable summer.


Hot Fashion Trends: Magical Purses That You Don't Have To Carry!

You know what's "in" this holiday season? It's a purse with a twist! A purse that has a strap, you see, or a chain, that you can put over a shoulder and hang there—or maybe be kicky, and also put it around your neck and therefore wear it "cross-body." This leaves your hands free to do things that ladies like to do with their hands! Like paint dolls or play the maracas or smoke meth just windmill the air with your free, free hands! No joke, people, the Times is all up on this, so hurry and do it fast.