Inside Jobs

My Short Career in the Internet Outrage Business

The target demographic: white males, Rust Belt, fifty-plus. We came in early; I saw the sunrise every morning. We worked in New York City, but I don't think a single coworker lived there. They commuted from Long Island and Jersey and Philly, daily, to be in the office. I lived alone in Brooklyn and it was a straight shot on the M to Bryant Park. I could see the lawn and the library from my desk—the gold and yellow and green filtered light. I went home in the afternoon and got ready for bed before my friends clocked off, so I drank alone. I wasn’t alienated from the labor; the [...]


Bill Keller Tells All About Julian Assange

Times executive editor Bill Keller weighs in, in full, on the paper's relationship with Julian Assange—such as it is, as he describes Assange as "arrogant, thin-skinned, conspiratorial and oddly credulous." The relationship, well! Assange was pissed that the Times wouldn't throw a link to the Wikileaks website, and then he got too big for his britches. Oh, and then he started wearing "skinny suits." Unfortunately, Keller reads the Swedish sex charges against Assange rather glossily to my taste: "Two Swedish women filed police complaints claiming that Assange insisted on having sex without a condom; Sweden’s strict laws on nonconsensual sex categorize such behavior as rape." That is not [...]