Anthony Weiner And Human Dignity Debased Before A Hungry Audience

It was standing room only at The Ainsworth on 26th Street last night, right by BuzzFeed's headquarters, so that BuzzFeed edit honcho Ben Smith could interview Anthony Weiner. "You're gonna wanna whip out your press passes," said the bouncer. "Go ahead. Whip 'em out." He laughed. Onstage, Smith sipped what looked like a very light beer. Weiner got wolf-whistled as he walked onto the stage. For him, there was something that was maybe an iced coffee. "Anthony has stopped drinking, in case you missed that," Smith said. For the audience, there were a lot of snacks.

A woman in town from Boston for work told me that she found [...]


BHL Types Again! French Man Believes Rape is a Crime!

You've pretty much perp-walked yourself down a dark alley of the theoretical if you have to include the disclaimer "I, of course, consider rape and attempted rape as crimes," Bernard Henri-Levy. Oh do you? That's great.

But do keep reading his bizarre thoughts. Because after he mistakes New York tabloid front pages for "public opinion" (sure, he's foreign, it's confusing here) then he talks about "a kind of class justice in reverse." Ooh, the ugly spectre of reverse classism! It's incredible that this is France's most famous thinker—he can barely think his way through a 900-word Daily Beast blog post.


House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Winning Evangelical Hearts and Minds

Score another one for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, those experts in womens' health and nonprofit budgets, whose "investigation" into Planned Parenthood is serving as a useful tool to get foundations (in this case, the Susan G. Komen foundation, executive-staffed by right-wingers) to stop funding breast exams at Planned Parenthood. (Now they'll go back to fighting Obamacare for a while.) Neato, everyone loses.


Florida's 2000 Dumbest Personalized License Plates

Highly enjoyable: the full list of "2,000 personalized license plate requests reviewed by Florida's Obscenity Board." (Did someone really think they were going to drive around with "DOGSTYLE" or "GANGMBR"? Good news though: "JEW BAN" and "SUXTOBU" were reinstated after review.


Let's Bomb the Falklands!

It's almost the 30th anniversary of the Falkands War! If you forget why that war was fought, well, let old Maggie explain it to you: "We fought to show that aggression does not pay and that the robber cannot be allowed to get away with his swag." So to celebrate, England is sending over the HMS Dauntless, which is "'armed with a battery of missiles that could "take out all of South America's fighter aircraft let alone Argentina's,' according to one Navy source." They will retain these thoroughly crappy little islands off the coast of Argentina! Who wouldn't want them? Meanwhile, it's a war of words between the [...]