These People on Rotten Tomatoes: What Is the Deal

Do we still deserve to call ourselves a society?


The 'Tree of Life' "No Refunds" Sign

This "Warning: Terrence Malick Film!" sign, published by Next Projection (and, update! Apparently actually photographed by reporter Joe Meyers, which, should it really be that hard to find and give credit on the Internet people? Sheesh!) was posted for movie-goers at the Avon, in Stamford, CT. What's to even say? Do people really ask for their movie-ticket money back because… they were bored? Another reason to despise Connecticut. (via)


Eventually Elementary Schools Will Be Replaced by TED Talks

How TED works: de-facted emotional appeals, shot well, crafted into parables of the good life. (In the New Yorker, subscription-only.)


Google Is Gamifying Reading!

Oh perfect, Google News has announced a revolutionary new product: badges for your Google News Reading Activity. See now when you prove you are Good At Reading, your Google Teacher gives you a gold star for the day.

Actually, no gold stars: the badges range "from Bronze to Ultimate," which… that's not really a coherent scale? I think folks just think no one knows what "platinum" is anymore and why it's "better" than gold. But come on. It's not like I'm suggesting maybe rhodium should start showing up in the metal-based scale of BADGIFICATION.

Anyway, R U going to READ MOAR now that Google gives you [...]