Changes At The Awl

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the departure of Awl Publisher John Shankman at the end of this month. John, who has been with the company for nearly three years, and helped us grow from the lean and scrappy startup publications few of us would even recognize now, has been bit by the founding bug and is leaving us to start his own company. According to John, Hashtag Labs "wants to help advertisers produce great #content and help creative talent and publishers maximize their earnings." We look forward to working with John and Hashtag Labs in the future.

John's departure comes at an important juncture in the history [...]


Please Welcome… Our New Server

It's been quite some time since we've had word from the Dept. of Technical News and Notes, but at long last, we're pleased to announce that The Awl (and The Hairpin and Splitsider) are coming to you now from their all-new home. Their tiny house, in which they all happily cohabitate as platonic roomies, is now a slightly larger and sexier tiny house, with prettier appliances and closets full of more expensive outfits. And they FINALLY threw out all that garbage that was holding them back from being pretty and successful! It's like they all read The Secret at the same time and decided to "envision a [...]


Hurry Up And Subscribe To The Awl Weekend Companion

The latest issue of the Awl's Weekend Companion has shipped! It is a rollicking good time, if we do say so ourselves, and apparently we do, because who else is writing this? In any event, have you subscribed yet? WHAT? You haven't? WELL. You should know that, up until now, we've offered a free month to all subscribers and an additional free month for those who share their email address with us. As of January 17, 2013, that promotion changes from months to weeks—so subscribe now! If you aren't happy, you will have a full month (or [...]


Greetings from the Bear-Infested Asheville Satellite Office

Once upon a time (last December), we went out looking for a managing editor for this website, and we met a ton of amazing people. Long story short: we now want you to meet Carrie Frye, who has written and edited previously at About Last Night and Asheville's Mountain Xpress. She can be reached at caaf at theawl dot com.

Hi and hello! I completed orientation over the weekend ("Core-ee Seek-a") and now it's just a thrill to be sitting here at a desk with my Awl stapler and pen set, filling up the calendar with items that, while we're enjoying a mood of excessive first-week politeness, the [...]


Spunky Local Website Gets New Server, Apologizes

Over the next 24 hours, our totally horrific and terrible load time exhibited over the last week should markedly improve! We done bought ourselves a new ad server, so the old ad server is being phased out and will stop dragging our sites down with it. Technology is really annoying. Our apologies to people who've wanted to visit and have been frustrated in the act.


In Case You Are Not A Fan Of Sleeping.

Starting at 2am EST, commenting (and posting) will be disabled for a few hours, possibly through the morning, while we do some server work on this site (and its two sister sites). Sorry for the inconvenience!