Jobriath's Revenge

There is a certain type of musician who is mostly famous for being unknown. You’re probably familiar: an independent documentary filmmaker pulls a beloved musician from the ash pile of rock and roll history and—with the help of some talking heads and archival concert flyers—brings them in to the spotlight for their encore. It is a genre pioneered by The Nomi Song and Anvil! The Story of Anvil and rounded out recently by A Band Called Death and the Oscar winning Searching For Sugarman and it’s always a captivating story, a kind of final balancing of the Scales of Rock Justice.

We talk about movies [...]


Everything You Need to Know About Extremely Cheap NYC Food

"My boyfriend's father is staying with us in our Williamsburg apartment for a weekend or so. He's from a very rural area, but has traveled all over the world, and he has little interest in exploring New York or anything it has to offer. His greatest enjoyment comes from getting cheap food in otherwise expensive cities."


Bill Cunningham: The Movie (Yes!)

I'm melting, this is heaven, hooray, so wonderful: here is the trailer for Bill Cunningham: New York, a full-length documentary about New York City's Greatest New York City Resident. This is perhaps the best thing to happen ever. (via)


Because Patti Smith Won the National Book Award

And because we were listening to her biggest hit just yesterday. Congratulations to Patti Smith, who wrote the best nonfiction book of the year!


Joe Brainard, "I Remember": The Film

I Remember is a film about Joe Brainard. At 24 minutes, it's a sweet introduction to and celebration of a real American genius.


"In an elevator with Kathryn Bigelow and Richard Gere riding up to Mick Jagger’s flat"

The real question is: What can you take out of streetwear? Girls are all wearing miniskirts and leggings and leather jackets. We’ve already seen all of this. Streetwear never taught me anything. Consider this: Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to revisit vintage. If you read his biography, you’ll see it. He used to go to London to the first secondhand markets and find clothes from the 30s. That’s how he invented the tuxedo. He bought a man’s smoking jacket and put it on one of his muses. That’s how most of his innovations began. Today you can do that type of research, but it’s [...]


John Lennon Died Too Young, But Not That Young, And He Was Content

"You know what I listened to for the past five years? Muzak! For the kind of chores I was doing around the house, it was perfect. I know people are going to say, 'Oh, that's because he's got to be 40 and got soft.' Well, it might be that; it's irrelevant to me. The attitude is that when you change when you get older that there's something wrong with that, but the world is stupid enough as it is; if the young were running it, it would be really dumb." —John Lennon, in an interview a month before he was killed on December 8th, 1980. (This opens [...]


Local Blogger Not Useless

You'll have to find some other way to show your affection for local hero crime-buster Brent Rose—who busted up a group mugging last night in Brooklyn—than sleeping with him, unfortunately, as he's not single, but perhaps you can think of something. Perhaps you can shower him with gifts, cash and gifts of cash!


New Throwing Muses Record Coming Down the Pipe!

This very, very hilarious interview with Kristin Hersh discusses the recent recording sessions for a new Throwing Muses record—the first in almost ten years. "It’s EPIC," said Hersh: "It’s the record that’s going to kill us." In this brave new transitional era, since Hersh has gone to a fan-based model, there's no more artificial structure placed on the making and release of music: "There’s no one to tell us what to do anymore, so release schedules have nothing to do with anything except for the right time for the listeners and the right time for the band…. I like that everything blew up, even though we had [...]


Rookie Cop Pulls Lucky Drunk Away From Oncoming Train

He's not quite as awesome as the greatest American hero of the 21st century. (Yes, Wesley Autrey is greater than even Sully Sullenberger in my book, because he intentionally lay down in the disgusting gutter, underneath a speeding train, to save another person. And, even more probably, the whole "I’ve got two daughters up there. Let them know their father’s okay…” thing, which just breaks me in half every time.) I guess the unnamed Spanish policeman in the above video falls somewhere between Chad Lindsey and Carlos Flores. But points for only having been on the job for two months. And, of course, for [...]