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How to Not Work on Fridays

If you are working on Fridays in summer, you are a tool. That is the truth. But if you ARE working on Fridays in summer, and wondering how to change your life, well, we have the answer for you. Perhaps you spotted Flint Beamon, extolling the virtues of "not really working on Fridays" in the Styles section troll-a-thon today. It went like this: "Scanning the [Thompson Hotel] scene closely was Flint Beamon, 36, a director of events and lifestyle brands for a public relations company [N.B.: That firm is called PR Consulting] that gives its employees Fridays off in summer. He was there to network. 'People here are usually [...]


Actually Awesome Things to Say to a Cancer Patient

Now that we've covered what not to say, let's talk about some winning things to say to somebody with cancer.

These are my preferences after more than 20 years as a cancer patient, then a cancer survivor, and then a cancer patient again. Clearly different things are going to bug different people. You will do the best you can because you're a nice person, and your friend with cancer will be able to tell that you are doing the best you can. Don't over-think this.

1. I don't know what to say. If you're feeling uncomfortable talking to us, we can probably tell. The best way to dispel [...]