Good Morning America!

Can We Start Again?

Okay, well, after a weird couple of weeks where the natural order of things was forced to contend with the grave disturbance of front-loaded holiday time, we have returned to what is more or less the first real week of the year. How does it feel? Yeah, I know, me too. Let's ease back into things as casually as possible, by which I mean funny animal stories (I think we've got an otter post coming up for you at some point this morning) and bear videos. If you are expecting the dulcet tones of Choire Sicha in this space alerting you about events around town, I am sorry [...]


"Now you have a chance to buy a chicken nugget shaped like a cowboy boot"

"Sgt. Dennis Coleman bought the nugget Sunday at the Dion's Quikmart at 63rd Street and U.S. 1 in Marathon. He says 'I was about to start eating when I noticed one of the nuggets resembled a cowboy boot.' So his first thought was preserving the nugget and putting it on eBay. Minimum bid is $5." —Thank God we have newspapers.