Good Grief

Great Day For The Obama White House!

• "Contrary to assurances it has deployed U.S. drones only against known senior leaders of al Qaida and allied groups, the Obama administration has targeted and killed hundreds of suspected lower-level Afghan, Pakistani and unidentified “other” militants in scores of strikes in Pakistan’s rugged tribal area, classified U.S. intelligence reports show."

• "A number of small banks used $2.1 billion in government cash intended to boost small-business lending to repay bailout funds from the financial crisis, a government watchdog said Tuesday in a report that also concluded the banks lent less money than firms that didn't take bailout aid."


Here's a REAL Recipe for Summer Tomato Sandwiches

Today the Times prints a recipe for "tomato salad on a roll," in which the final recipe instruction is this: "Cover sandwiches with a clean dish towel and wait for an hour or so before serving." (Sure, they want the sardines and garlic to "marry" and whatever, okay, sure, I get it, it's just: it's hot and I'm hungry.)

Here's my very own summer tomato sandwich recipe!

1. Get some bread, toast it lightly, just a little.

2. Put tomatoes (preferably little ones, and yellow, and cut in half) and torn basil, with some olive oil and salt and pepper, on one piece of bread. Put some mozzarella [...]


Bloomberg Takes Strong Stand Against Extreme Socialism

.@MikeBloomberg on @ChrisCQuinn's living wage bill: "Last time you had a big managed economy was the USSR and that didn't work out so well."

— Mike Grynbaum (@grynbaum) April 13, 2012

It's Friday, so it's the day that New York City Mike Bloomberg says tons of wild stuff! The living wage bill, if you haven't been tracking, provides a guaranteed minimum wage for people who work on some projects that have New York City subsidies. It will affect literally hundreds of people. Heh. Perhaps 500, and those workers would be guaranteed at least "$10 an hour with benefits, or $11.50 an hour without benefits." [...]


Breaking! David Gergen Really Changing Twitter Handles!

In case you can't tell, today is the LAST DAY of CNN's David Gergen on Twitter at Gergensvoice and now he is just David_Gergen. He is really really concerned that you know this. Even if he has to tell all of you ONE AT A TIME.


Just How Many Active Serial Sex Predators Are There in Park Slope?

A plausible suspect in the serial assaults in greater Park Slope has been held for questioning; he was caught in the act, or at least "an act." But police are saying that they believe there's more than one of 'em. In fact, they have "four sketches of suspects on display" at the station. (AND HOW DEPRESSING IS THAT?) Some news: here are some free self-defense classes in Brooklyn; Safe Slope is still offering walks home for ladies and other folks who may feel vulnerable.