Frontiers Of Medicine

The Uncanny Language of Medical Instagram

A few months ago a friend showed me a story about an app called Figure 1. It was billed as "Medicine’s Answer to Instagram," and had apparently just raised a couple million dollars. I downloaded it. I am not a doctor, nor did I claim to be one when I signed up. I checked "Journalist" from the "Non-Healthcare Professional" menu. This got me in on a sort of limited basis (selecting "Other" would have worked too). I couldn't post—that's for pros—but I could see everything.

To a "Non-Healthcare Professional" the main Figure 1 feed is shocking. It's an infinite scroll of graphic medical photos—growths, infections, fractures, rashes, traumatic injuries, birth [...]


The Fecal Transplant Bank

If you are the kind of person who cannot read a headline like "First Fecal Transplant Bank Opens" without giggling and coming up with sophomoric jokes I don't know what say other than no matter how distasteful or uncomfortable you find feces to be this is actually something that will save lives, and your scoffing at it only reveals a massive level of immaturity which should be deeply shaming to you. Also, [...]