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Time Appears to Be Lapsing

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Obscure reference alert! Georges Melies would be proud. Here are five of the best time-lapse videos on The Awl.

“TimeScapes” The Movie Director and cinematographer Tom Lowe slept outside with his camera for 250 nights while recording time-lapse footage of the American Southwest for his movie “TimeScapes.” He filmed an actual bear and a first nation’s person performing a nighttime tribal dance. After watching this [...]


When and What Do Guys Think About Pants? An Investigation

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Over the weekend I went to the Lehigh Valley Mall. It’s just outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, and would rank as the most popular (and second-most swanky) of the malls in the region. It’s standard-issue, two-levels, lacking a proper food court (although it does have what they call a “lifestyle center,” which was added in 2007, and which is basically a strip-mall add-on with stores slightly more upscale than the ones inside).

Recently I have become concerned about my own wardrobe. I have been somewhere just north [...]


History's Most Ideal Beards

Anyone who considers growing a beard weighs the same set of pros and cons. Assuming you’re already confident in your ability to muster respectable whiskers—and you may not be, as one sad sack relates—your immediate concern is probably skin irritation. Beards itch. They itch you, and they’ll itch anyone you’re close to. They can even irk casual observers. Try watching Giant’s relief pitcher Brian Wilson midgame. The fake beards donned by fans meant to display support for Wilson’s Black Beard Revival are an affront to his dedication. In the midst of summer, hurling 100 mph fastballs, that thing probably feels like a bird’s nest made of fiber [...]


A Brief History of Pants

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Do you know who really, really cared about pants? Peter the Great, that’s who. “Peter The Who?” you ask? This specific Peter was the tsar of Russia who became the "Emperor of All Russia" in the early 1700s. His tenure was committed to the modernization of Russia, which at the time was not so modern. Of the reforms enacted was the Decree on Modern Dress, issued in 1701, providing for Russians that "the upper dress shall be of French or Saxon [...]