The Crucial Context of the Ebola Epidemic

If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously reunited, the US would border the Ebola epidemic: http://t.co/0zkMNCgcbH pic.twitter.com/3rzV0kZrpq

— Vox (@voxdotcom) August 5, 2014

Some other interesting conclusions I can draw from this map:

— Indian food in Antarctica — Easier to drive places — We would need new globes — Next weekend I could be like, "hey wanna take the train to the desert" and everyone would be like, "I don't think the C is running today" — There would probably be a news story that says, "If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously broke apart, the US would no longer border the Ebola epidemic"

Really makes you [...]


Should You Tweet?

1. What is Twitter?

Twitter is a website.

2. What is a website?

The collective plural of content.

3. What is content?

A unit of website.


What Was Money?

What was money?

A medium of exchange; a system by which tokens were assigned value by a central authority for use within a regulated system of commerce.

What was money for?

Acquiring things that you needed to live or believed you needed to be happy.

What happened to money?

"Uber Technologies Inc. is seeking to join the $10 billion-plus club. The San Francisco-based startup, which makes a mobile application for car-service booking, is in talks to raise new financing in a round that may value it at more than $10 billion, according to people with knowledge of the situation. That would almost triple the company’s [...]


The Way We Expose The Innocence Of Leaving Home In Order To Explore Life On Our Own In The Big Apple Now

"The 19-year-old daughter of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Yolanda Foster exposes the innocence of leaving home to explore life on her own in the Big Apple by posing completely nude in the April issue of VMan magazine."


Newspaper Explains Itself

Five million in venture funding to the first person who can tell me the difference between "navigating" the news and explaining it, or analyzing it or contextualizing it or just writing it correctly in the first place. The poor news, all these things being done to it, maybe we should let it rest for a while. It must be tired! Anyway, The New York Times has opened its own explainer site, The Upshot, and somehow it's not maddening at all. Maybe a little teacherly, but at least it doesn't seem to hate us.