Everything Ends

Who Killed Kim's Video?

The Slits' cover of "Heard It Through The Grapevine" (a B-side, obviously) played over the speakers at Kim's Video & Music on 1st Avenue as a half-dozen early-afternoon browsers flipped through the vinyl. The ceiling, bifurcated into orange and purple halves shot through with yellow, hangs low, compressing the sound into a thick haze. "We don't really carry a lot of metal?" Julianne, one of the two college-aged clerks, told a patron who asked if Kim’s carried the band Death’s earlier stuff. "That's the only Death we have," gesturing toward the new release sections. Julianne, who is graduating from NYU in a few weeks, has been working [...]


The End Of The Obscure Store

"For nearly a decade — starting in 1989 — I published a print 'fanzine' called Obscure Publications. Its mission was to review fanzines and profile their editors. In early 1998, I decided to start selling fanzines online through a new site called The Obscure Store. My challenge was to get 'customers' to my website. I decided to do that by linking to stories that I found interesting. I had general interest articles on the top of the page and 'Media Gossip' items on the bottom half. In May of 1999 I decided to create a separate site — MediaGossip.com — for those media stories. It was a life-changing decision: the [...]