Please Bring Back "Jurassic Fight Club"!

"Jurassic Fight Club" was a one-season series on the History Channel, and I am a dedicated fan. I’d bet I’m one of about six people in the world who can claim this, and I am definitely the only one with a full set of adult teeth. I consumed all twelve gripping episodes. I follow the host, “Dinosaur George” Blasing on Twitter, and I hold the high score in their online game Turf Wars. I also hold the #2, #5 and #9 spots, presumably because I’ve been competing against four-year-olds.

Part of the allure of "Jurassic Fight Club" derives from the History Channel’s general brand of madness. [...]


Lawless White People Go Wilding in Vancouver

An excellent point: "The photos of the Vancouver riots look like Cardiff on a Saturday night." It's true! This fantastic collection of photos and video from Vancouver last night—you see, Boston won the Stanley Cup? Which is the big prize in hockey, don't you know?—does bear a striking resemblance to any ordinary night of the glassing capital of the world over in Wales. And here is our favorite video from Vancouver.


Taste Has Never Met Shame: I Love You, Conor Oberst!

Seven or eight years ago, when I wasn’t yet old enough to feel embarrassed about it, I saw Conor Oberst play at a bar downtown. Before he went onstage—a stage that was really just a foot-high platform with a stool—he sat drinking in a booth with some friends. Having been drinking myself, I made my way to his table, where I stood as if I were a waiter, and, realizing too late that I ought never to have come over at all, I sputtered some combination of the words love and music and so much. He gave me a much friendlier look than I deserved, signed a scrap of [...]