Won't You Save These Homeless Long Words? Send Help Now, Some Stories Are Going Unread!

Longreads wants you to become a member. What do you get? The thing I like best is exclusives: advances on stories before publication. Also I like it when some weirdo I don't know recommends a bunch of stories that maybe I haven't seen before. I do like that! Anyway I gave them thirty whole dollars for a year's membership. That's right, for just $2.50 a year you can keep some starving words from being homeless, won't you give today.


I Beg You Hold-Outs To Join Me In Watching 'Doctor Who'

Almost everyone in the English-speaking world has a friend who regularly recruit others to indulge in the wonder that is the television show "Doctor Who." This friend is annoying, at best! (Also likely unhygienic.) May I give it a whirl though?

In the rebooted show, the Doctor, as even you likely know, is a fast-talking, friendly and adorable time-traveling alien who tends to pick up women, indulge them in bizarre adventures throughout space and time, after which the duo will teeter on the verge of romantic affair and then he will fling them back to their ordinary lives (for, ostensibly, their own good). This sounds terrible and very silly! [...]


We Endorse The Hooker Dude

The incredibly wealthy Eliot Spitzer, who lives in his dad's building at 985 Fifth Avenue, up the street from his dad's building at 800 Fifth Avenue, was one of the very few people hollering about the out-of-control Wall Street corporate culture before the recession. As pushy as he was, he didn't do enough. As A.G., he sued the stock exchange's Dick Grasso for his golden-parachute money-grabbing. He nearly took down AIG back in 2005, before AIG nearly took down New York City. He did not, and he should have. Before that, he crusaded against fake anti-abortion "family crisis center" facilities. Good! Eventually for some reason he ran for governor, which [...]