Election Day

More People Voted for WI Judge David Prosser Than For Mike Bloomberg

Yesterday's Wisconsin election will surely go to a recount, if the candidate with fewer votes requests it, which seems certain. What's more, the recount is free to the candidates (if not to the taxpayer, heh) if the margin is less than .5%, which, yes it easily is. At this time, David Prosser seems to have 835 more votes than JoAnne Kloppenburg, but there are still votes coming in, and it's anyone's race. Total votes cast, give or take? 1,465,563, with 736,878 going to Prosser at this time. That's pretty amazing, for a state with five and a half million people. For comparison? In the last New York [...]


Today, Wisconsin Votes for the Least Victimizing Judge

Today, Wisconsin votes for a supreme court justice, in an election that proves that sometimes what happens in a democracy is not all that dissimilar from what happens in a diaper.

The state's residents have been robocalled so often in the last 24 hours that many are just not bothering to answer the phone anymore. Each side accuses the other of being the candidate propped up by outside money—even as both have had millions spent on their behalf by outside money. Sarah Palin, a resident of Alaska, has made an endorsement in another state's supreme court election. Wisconsin's election has become maybe the greatest single argument for not electing [...]