Each Generation Gets the X It Deserves

Tyler the Creator Arrested = 2011 Wrapped Up in a Nice Little Package

And so the year ends as it must, with the arrest of Odd Future's Tyler the Creator in Los Angeles early this morning. (Video here, of him going to town on the venue's sound guy, if you care.) Unrelatedly, no doubt, they have a new album out. Well. That's 2011 for ya, come to bite us all on the behind. (Photo by Mike Rosenstein.)


Millennial One-Minute News Service Is "Snack Media"

Say a warm welcome to "One Minute News, a video-based online start-up conceived by former MTV advertising executive Doug Greenlaw—and his son, Mack, whose resume also includes a stint at the ostensible music network." Haha, ostensible. Haha, working with your dad. Anyway! Mack said that "we love Gawker, we love the Huffington Post," but they "don't seek to overshadow or muscle out any pre-existing entities." Well they might! Big words, launch boy. True, they are proactive and in your face with their snackifying media programming! Presumably this is on the Internet somewhere, if you have the attention span to find it. I couldn't, just the BBC's own "One [...]