Gentrifying the Language of the Internet

Perhaps the recently erected Twitter glossary, designed to explain things like "retweet" and "favorite" to bewildered new users, is indeed helpful to someone (dads?). But to whatever extent it is a guide to what Twitter is, it's also a glass-and-steel-condo-like monument to what the Internet was, when some words meant other things, like "favorite," which was (n) a thing you liked more than any other thing, not (n) a hollow unit of social currency or (v) a thing that one does to remind another human that his or her life has some value to you that is greater than absolutely nothing.

Let's look at how some other [...]


Is Violence "Crazy"?

I've become more and more uncomfortable with "Boy that Jared Loughner is craaaaazy" talk. Like Time's diving in to be servicey: "If You Think Someone is Mentally Ill: Loughner's 6 Warning Signs." Time says it's "easy to see" that he's crazy: because he laughed randomly a lot and posed strange questions! That's literally what those mental health experts over there suggest. Which: uh oh? Am I headed for a psych eval again? But people's first rationale for Loughner being crazy is that he shot a bunch of people. (Their second is that he believed that language enslaved you—yeah, well, so did bell hooks—and something something the gold standard—which, [...]