The Homeland Generation

This is Figure One in a document published by the White House, on Medium, called "15 Economic Facts About Millennials." It is included to establish a premise for the post: that the "Millennial generation will continue to be a sizable part of the population for many years." It seals off that generation at 2004, which means the next one begins at 2005. The next one is labeled without explanation: The Homeland Generation.

This data is credited to the Census Bureau, but presumably only the raw population numbers—the “Homeland Generation” is not, apparently, an official census designation. The choice to use it, then, fell to the people [...]


Doll Sweary

What is this doll saying that is so offensive? The audio seems unclear.


The Periodic Table Of Swearing

A tad tardy to this one, but what with the holiday season coming up I would hoping someone might get it for me as a gift. Anyway: "It's an 'art' piece. It will be exhibited at London's Intimate Modern Gallery starting Friday. The table is constructed with over 100 buttons…. It is the work of Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. The duo describe it as 'a four legged talking table you can operate like a demented organist piping out swear words based on the chemical elements.'" I actually learned a few new ones here, so I guess this counts as educational! The normal headphones-at-work warning applies. [[...]


Gimmicky Author Thinks He Invented Swearing

"Give me a fucking break. Stop ripping my shit off. Get your own idea." —Adam Mansbach, writer of Go the F**k to Sleep, is unimpressed by other books that use bad words.


Foul-Mouthed Britons Can Now Swear Freely

"A High Court judge has ruled that people should not be punished for hurling obscenities in public because such words are now so common they no longer cause distress…. [S]wearing in public, previously a criminal offence across the UK, appears to longer offend the legal system as much as it once did."