Storytelling Asses Disdained

"'True Detective' reeks of the [macho nonsense]. The series, for all its good looks and its movie-star charisma, isn’t just using dorm-room deep talk as a come-on: it has fallen for its own sales pitch. To state the obvious: while the male detectives of “True Detective” are avenging women and children, and bro-bonding over 'crazy pussy,' every live woman they meet is paper-thin. Wives and sluts and daughters—none with any interior life."


That Jeopardy Computer Is Actually Good For Humanity

I hope the nerds enjoyed their renaissance while it lasted because we don't need them anymore. Contrary to all the doom and gloom surrounding Watson's Jeopardy Holocaust, this win is a good thing for us ordinary humans.

Speaking as a highly qualified Trekker, I have some experience with supercomputers. The most important thing to know about supercomputers is that they're useful. You never once see Geordi LaForge break out his Quantum Physics digest or consult a treatise on Sub-Spatial Mechanics before going to work on the Warp Drive. You know why? Because, he just asks the computer and gets on with his life.