Disbelief Registered

"I can't believe I am the loser who wasted time reading this story," writes 'Skane'. "Then wasted more time writing this comment." The story in question is this but this is one of those cases where, out of the keyboards of commenters comes a wisdom that can be applied on an almost universal basis: We are all wasting time reading stories, and some of us are even squandering more of our lives in the futile act of expressing our opinions about our improvident behavior. You [...]


Responses To "Rape Joke"

When you publish a poem like "Rape Joke," you take it for granted that two things will happen. One: that people will share their own stories with you, which is wonderful; and two: that people will barf all over their keyboards at you, which is interesting. Here is a selection of the most notable barfs I encountered in the wake of the poem's appearance.

• Another FAIL for the moral butthurt brigade.

• Please stop calling this a "poem."

• Should we also ban all 'man walks into bar' jokes because of sensitivity about alcoholism?

• When I backpack through northern Washington or [...]