Come Friendly Bombs

Okay, Sure, "Winter Shorts"

Yes, by all means, go ahead and wear "winter shorts." I can't be responsible for the foolish decisions you make any more.


Cupcake ATM

"The concept actually came to our owner, Candace Nelson, while she was pregnant. She had a cupcake craving so she decided, wouldn't it be great if she could go someplace where she could get a freshly baked cupcake at any time. So the idea was born and here we are today with the world's first machine that allows you to actually come at any time 24 hours a day to get a freshly baked cupcake." —Yeah, there's video.


When There Are No Winners

"On Twitter, Israel sought to sway global public opinion with the hastag #IsraelUnderFire. Hamas and their supporters responded with #GazaUnderAttack along with variations in different languages. These hashtags are also sometimes combined with #FreeGaza and the more militant #Resistance hashtag, and Hamas adds the hashtag #ShaleStones for military updates. And both sides are fighting over control of #Gaza."


People Unspeakably Sad

"Forget standing in line for hours, hoping for a scribbled, barely legible autograph on a wrinkled piece of paper. Or jockeying for spots behind the dugout on the off chance a signed ball or batting glove gets tossed your way. When it comes to souvenirs from your favorite athlete, the retweet is where it's at these days."