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Chase the Racebow

Ooh, Racialicious just started a four-part panel discussion on interracial dating. I always like when people talk about funny perceptions of race when they were young, like this one: "There were a ton of interracial relationships in my family. For the longest time I assumed my white aunts were just fair-skinned black women."


The Tony Awards Live Chat Extravaganza

Ladies and gents, it's America's most important and most revered awards show for the most important and revered arts! Tonight, literally all of America will stop and join—what's that you say? It's the Heat-Mavericks game six? Oh. Well then… tonight, some of the gays and theater ladies will come together to hide from basketball and indulge in the not-at-all rigged awards system that heaps praise upon select, very expensive productions at a very small number of designated New York City theaters; awards are nominated by literally a couple dozen people and then chosen by all of 750 professional voters. This system serves to make almost everyone feel bad, except a [...]