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US unemployment rate

— cigolo (@cigolo) May 2, 2014

Unemploy rates by education: No high school degree (8.9%), HS degree (6.3%), 2 yr deg or some college (5.7%), college+ (3.3%)

— Zachary Goldfarb (@Goldfarb) May 2, 2014

Labor force participation collapsed back to 62.8%…where it was in the late '70s.

— Matt Phillips (@MatthewPhillips) May 2, 2014

@MatthewPhillips Get ready for further collapse:

— kevin kane (@kevinjosephkane) May 2, 2014

Almost there! After April, we're just 120K jobs away from recovering all the jobs lost in the Great Recession!

— Matt Phillips (@MatthewPhillips) [...]


One Shocking Graph That Explains Why You Don't Need To Worry About "Peak Troll"

Yes, getting to Peak Troll—the state in which everything on the Internet is the worst it possibly could be—is a concern. But let's look at the facts—the facts of climate change! When the future of the Internet is graphed against sea level projections, it all works out okay. Most of us will likely die before Peak Troll completely ruins everything forever. Knock wood—and stay at sea level. Better to go out with the coasts than survive and live through what the Internet will be like in 100 years.


A Very Beautiful Visualization of Cancer Survival

This is a gorgeous drawing and also an excellent explainer, actually, about cancer, survival and math. (via)


Girl Talk's 'All Day' In Chart Form

To go along with your Girl Talk breakdown, please enjoy this handy chart mapping the samples of All Day.


The Problem With Alec Baldwin In One Easy Chart


Reagan Proven Much More Awesome at Fixing America Than Obama

"How do conditions compare locally to when the Reagan administration was asking for a second term. Statistically, have we seen the same kind of recovery from the 2007-to-2009 recession as we did from the 1980-to-1982 recession? Not to ruin the suspense, but the charts below suggest the answer is 'no.' The Miami area enjoyed a much more robust recovery at the end of the Reagan first term than it has under the Obama first term." —Well, there you have it then.


People Who Go To Work When They're Deathly Ill


Chart: What Are People Throwing Up Today?


Are Twitter, LinkedIn And Facebook Worth Anything?

TWC goes to Comcast. This chart helps put it in to perspective.

— James Gross (@James_Gross) February 13, 2014

That chart above went around a bit last night, with the news of the purchase of Time Warner by Comcast for $45.2 billion. It compares the "market value" of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google v. the "market value" of CBS, Viacom, Disney, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. You know, the new establishment v. those stupid old dinosaurs. Hmm, how else could we compare these companies?

Oh right, how about by that crazy out-of-fashion metric: by the money they make? I made you a chart! Here's that [...]


Your Handy Guide to Understanding America's Jobs Situation

Do you want to be able to talk knowledgeably at fancy dinner parties with the ruling class about employment in America? Sure you do! So here are just a few simple graphs from our pals at the St. Louis Fed with a longer view—going back to either 2000 or to the early 90s, depending on data available—that explaining the trending in employment, hiring, unemployment and workforce participation in America. Above: what they call the "U6" number. That's the combined percentage of unemployed and underemployed, essentially.


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