Judging the Cats (and People) of the Santa Monica Cat Show

Cat shows are far more populist events than dog shows. Having a show dog can cost a fortune. Beyond paying large sums for the creature’s pure bloodline, there’s also training, kennel fees, handler salaries and all sorts of other costs. Less so with the kitties. You can get a purebred cat for well under a thousand dollars and because cats aren’t bred to do much more than live in total domesticity (lying about, sunning themselves, sprawling out inappropriately on piles of work papers, kneading air muffins) the rest comes rather cheaply. The owners of show cats mostly consider themselves to be hobbyists and regard an event like the Cat Fanciers' [...]


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Cats in the Snow, Where Will You Go?

Ah, it's been a year since we looked at the evil monster people who throw their cats in the snow each winter. Well they're all still at it! Here are some sad videos—followed by soothing videos of cats enjoying snow. Those are very good! Wouldn't want to get too worked up on a Friday afternoon.