Cash and Prizes

Was the Pulitzer Jury Intentionally Nice to Everyone?

It used to be, back in the day (AKA like, 2008? And 2009?) that you had to get someone to sneakily send you a cruddy iPhone shot of the Times newsroom on Pulitzer day. Now they tweet it themselves. IN ANY EVENT, Executive Editor Bill Keller still has all his hair, despite the long nights he spends tearing at it whilst writing his daily (kidding!) column for the Times mag, and the paper was not snubbed this year, with two Pulitzers, including one shared by the eminently worthy Ellen Barry, the best reporter ever. There's a little something else for almost everyone in these here Pulitzers, in [...]


We Desire That You Subscribe to Jauntsetter

If you subscribe to Jauntsetter this week—it's the once-a-week email about local and fun travel!—you could win, of all things, a heart-shaped 2-quart LeCreuset casserole dish, and there is nothing I want more, so win it and give it to me.