Museum Innovates

Attendance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art reached a record high of 5.68 million people in its fiscal year 2011; it rose again, significantly, to 6.28 million in 2012. It fell, slightly, in 2013, to 6.2 million. Attendance numbers for fiscal year 2014 should be available in two weeks or so.

But, while attendance may be flat (or not! we'll see), have you checked out how many followers the Met has on Instagram?


Brands, Hurry Up And Take Advantage Of "Flappy Bird" Mania Before The Next Thing Comes Along!

How about:

• Flappy Board starring Shaun White Sage Kotsenburg, sponsored by Mountain Dew

• Floppy Birdeos (don't let the flying Oreos dunk too long in the milk!)

• Flap Aboard U.S. Airways (the bird would be a plane here)

• Flappy Curd, brought to you by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

• Flappy Goatherd, brought to you by the American Dairy Goat Association

• Nappie Bird, great one for Pampers or other diaper manufacturing concerns

• Chappy Bird, navigate a flying tube of chapstick through damaging cold dry air to get to the lips

• Crappy Turd, excellent for a satire site like The Daily Currant to promote their [...]


Sadness Is the Only Emotion Left to Feel

Why is advertising so weepy lately? SAD YOU ASKED. I think there are a lot more clients briefing their agencies saying, ‘This made people cry and do you see how many views this thing has? We want to make people cry about our brand',” says Mike Byrne, partner and chief creative officer at Anomaly.


Mangled Clown Corpse Tweets

"'Selfies…here I come!' the company quoted Ronald McDonald as saying in its announcement on Wednesday. Mr. McDonald won’t get his own Twitter handle, but the company will post comments attributed to him using the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald." — The fresh visage of Ronald McDonald, all but buried in recent years as McDonald's seemingly realized that modern children cannot be reliably plied into gorging themselves on fried slivers of potatoes and industrial-grade beef patties assembled by workers so underpaid that the company itself has suggested that they get a second job by a weird, creepy clown, proves that no #brand can resist the lure of Twitter, even dead ones.