Bendy Elbows

Summer Trend Consecrated

Phrosties, the potent alco-slushies that New Yorkers in certain neighborhoods can order from an anonymous Instagram account, had nearly run their course. They had been covered by every outlet that might possibly have an interest in sweet icy rotgut. With thousands of followers, the drink had reached what seemed like a supply and attention plateau: Popular enough to earn a place in urban drunk legend, but small enough to remain proprietary. And then: A company hawking a boozy Slushie over social media should have to prove it’s not selling to kids if it wants to stay in business, Sen. Charles Schumer said Monday. “A 12-year-old can probably buy [...]


Just Drink Liquid Alcohol And Shut Up

Have you heard about the powdered alcohol thing that the "Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved… for sale and distribution"? Would you like to know more? You would? Hahaha, you fell right into my trap. If you are actually interested in powdered alcohol you are clearly some sort of teen or pre-teen, because no one with any level of maturity or taste would have even a cursory interest in something as gross and vile and juvenile as powdered alcohol. You are way too young to be reading this site. Come back in a few years when you have developed some character and a taste for bourbon.


Vapidity Admired

“I could easily have six today and be fine tomorrow morning,” is the argument in favor of Budweiser.


It's Friday, Drink Rye

I'm glad other people are writing about rye, because it is a delicious and inexpensive liquor and a welcome change from the cloying-if-you-drink-as-much-of-it-as-you'd-like-to bourbon, but most collections of cocktails miss the best rye-based cocktail of them all. Here it is:


What Should We Call People Who Enjoy A Drink?

"Everybody thinks they know what an 'alcoholic' is, but what about those who drink too much but fall short of the common definitions of alcoholism? Should there be a word that bridges the gap between alcoholic and non-alcoholic?" —Yes! How about "pal," "buddy," "friend," "fun person," "bon vivant," "life enjoyer" or "someone other people want to be around"? I think all of those work!

Photo by Kzenon, via Shutterstock


Drinking Makes You Thin And Healthy And Don't Read Any More

"[Y]ou may be surprised to learn that there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the idea that alcohol makes you put on weight. That’s hugely counter-intuitive, I know, because alcohol certainly is said to contain lots of calories. But the curious fact remains that alcohol isn’t fattening. Here’s just some of the evidence." — Now you could click through to see what this evidence says and decide for yourself whether or not Science writer Tony Edwards' claim that alcohol is actually good for [...]


The Way We Figure Out How Drunk We Were Last Night Now

"While it’s hard to quantify how many people experience blackouts, social media has definitely made the problem more visible. Adolescents and young adults now increasingly use Facebook and Instagram to figure out where they were the night before and what they were doing."


The Plot to Kill the Last Remaining Bodegas

Governor Cuomo's teen fun task force, which was created with a $147,000 grant from the NYC Department of Health to the State Liquor authority, has completed its first mission: The team visited 74 stores (not bars) across the five boroughs, 32 of which sold alcohol to underage decoys.

BAD WORK, bodega adults: In total, the undercover minors were able to purchase alcohol at 32 of premises visited, including one out of 15 stores in the Bronx, 15 out of 16 stores in Brooklyn, 5 out of 21 stores Manhattan, 8 out of 16 stores in Queens, and 3 out of 6 stores on Staten Island. During the investigation, [...]


Expensive Bourbon Drinkers Just As Irritating As Other People With Money

"[T]he sublime taste of high-dollar Bourbons isn’t the only thing that whips fans into a frenzy (though that helps), it’s the thrill of the hunt and the bragging rights of having that bottle of, say, Jefferson’s Ocean or Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 year on display in the cabinet that helps bottles blow out the door before they even hit the shelves – Bourbon connoisseurs and now competing with collectors."


So Long As Adults Remain Willing To Buy Booze For Desperate Teens This Country Is Still Okay

Here is a hidden camera investigation focused on suburban New Jersey adults purchasing alcohol for actors posing as thirsty teenagers. It is hard-hitting exposes like this one that Edward R. Murrow had in mind when he invented broadcast journalism in 1948.


Wine Worth The Effort It Takes To Pour It Down Your Throat: Wine Expert

"I love Savennières, but I will concede it’s not particularly likable. That is to say, it’s not an easygoing, friendly sort of wine. It requires a commitment, which is not necessarily a step that everybody wants to take. I understand the feeling. Just as I often prefer a thriller to a work of literature, I sometimes don’t want to make the effort to ponder a wine. I just want to enjoy it. At those moments, I would leave the cork in the Savennières. But given the proper time, energy and sense of resolve, the rewards of a good Savennières are many."


Your Drinkless January Is A Waste

How can you not drink in January when drinking is the only thing that makes January bearable?


Alcohol Now Being Made Specifically For Children

"Just when it seemed flavored booze couldn't get any sweeter, here comes Cinnabon vodka."


The World Without Wine

"At the current pace, a global shortage of wine is fast approaching."


Are Your Friends Putting You At Risk Of Having Fun?

"It’s no secret that drinking is contagious: if your friends are binging or abstaining, there’s a good chance you’ll follow suit. But a fascinating study on early view at the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research shows just how far this influence goes – and also shows that the social effect on alcohol consumption happens largely outside of our awareness. If you struggle with alcohol addiction, the implication is obvious: be especially careful in groups that are drinking. In fact, many sponsors encourage recovering alcoholics to completely avoid locations and events where alcohol is central. But if your friend struggles with alcohol, the finding is equally important: your drinking [...]


What Wine Gets You Hot To Hate?

"Silver Oak is the wine that’s sexy to hate.


Warehouse: Sobs And Stories

If you love liquor and hate Jersey, this is your Sophie's choice.


Wine: The Classy Way To Get Drunk At Home

"There are 1,368 wine and liquor stores in business in New York City — a 14% spike from 2010 — and businesspeople say the wine trend is part of the uptick."


Bar Low

"‘As long as people are doing reasonably sensible things, who are we to tell them what to do? If people are not ending up paralytic in hospital, it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm."


Why Do Hangovers Hurt More As You Age?

"[A]lcohol hits people harder in their 40s and 50s than it did during their 20s and 30s. The reasons for this include changes in body composition to brain sensitivity and liver functioning. Lifestyle factors are at play, too. And since people tend to take more medications—both prescription and over-the-counter—as they age, there are more chances for uncomfortable and even dangerous booze-drug mixing." That's one answer. The other answer is that everything hurts more as you age, because the simple act of survival guarantees a larger collection of sorrows, regrets and [...]