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NYC Cop Rape Case Sees Its Victim-Blaming Totally Unravel

Lest we forget, the terrible New York City alleged cop rape case is still horrifically parading through the courtroom. To my mind it hasn't been going so well for the defense but I'm also willing to keep an open mind, I guess, sort of. Updates from the last few days:

• So, previously, when the defense claimed that the victim told people she wasn't sure she'd been raped? Turns out she told plenty of people, including her neighbor and her boss, that she'd been raped. And that she was sure. So, you know, there's that.

• A "few seconds" of surveillance tape show the alleged [...]


This NYC Cop Rape Case Is the Worst

Unsurprisingly, I'm not particularly enjoying each morning's report from the New York City police offer rape trial. (Yeah, go figure.) Here's part one and here's part two, and it's a rotten thing to wake up and read. The story, in brief, is that a young woman came home to the East Village intoxicated; she needed help getting out of the cab, so the cabbie called 911; two cops arrived, took her in; paid the cab; and then they returned to her apartment three more times that night. (They said they were discussing her alcoholism with her, which, that's not something you do while someone has come home [...]