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These Turkeys Are Going To the Beach For Thanksgiving

Not all turkeys will be overcooked and mostly ignored in favor of the tasty stuffing and wine this Thanksgiving. These birds live wild and free in Morro Bay, California—the feral turkeys hang around the golf course for a few hours, and then head down the stairs to the beach.


Sometimes Dogs Do Good Things, I Guess

A couple of days ago I was walking up Orchard Street on my way to get lunch, when I saw a mail carrier with her cart approaching a door to an apartment building. Just as she was about to enter, the door opened and a young woman came out leading a large, muscular pitbull on a leash. As soon as the dog saw the mail carrier, it growled loudly and lunged at her, jerking its owner off balance. The mail carrier jumped too, and hurried behind her cart for protection. The dog's owner, who was a slight, pretty woman, and very fashionably dressed, leaned all her weight against the [...]