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A Short Story from the County Board Meeting in Arlington, VA

Two kids are testifying about why this Arlington shelter is a bad idea — cursing, 2nd hand smoke. Their parents should be horse whipped.

— Michael Neibauer (@NeibsWBJ) December 14, 2011

These two pre-10yo girls just told the Arlington board that they may take the wrong path in life if they have to live near homeless people.

— Michael Neibauer (@NeibsWBJ) December 14, 2011

Arlington Board agrees to buy (or seize) 2020 14th St. N, to serve as office space and homeless shelter.

— Michael Neibauer (@NeibsWBJ) December 14, 2011


Suicidal Man Brings Out The Best In Everyone

A 26-year-old man, recently released from psychiatric treatment at Bellevue after a nervous breakdown brought on in part by the fear that he would be evicted from his rent-controlled apartment, tried to hang himself and then slashed his throat before jumping out of his window and falling nine stories, only to land on a pile of the garbage the city has been unable to pick up because of the snow. Vangelis (Angelo) Kapatos survived, and is in critical condition. (The News has a heartbreaking picture of Kapatos as a baby-faced high school grad.) Naturally, readers are nothing but sympathetic.