Adventures in Online Dating

A Treasury of the World's Worst Online Dating Stories

Since we gathered a truly huge pile of data from our online dating survey, we've published advice about how to improve online dating for everyone, for folks who date men and folks who date women. Now, in our final installment of this very special dating survey roundup, we bring you: The Most Horrific Things Encountered While Online Dating. A word of warning here? Most of these are really funny. And then, in a small section towards the end, some of them are absolutely not funny. We're including some extremely frank stuff, including about sexual assault. If you're not up for reading about that today, you should take a [...]


Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide For Women

Many moons ago, a few thousand of you filled out a survey about dating online. A few moons after that, we compiled all the best tips and tricks shared by folks who date men. And now here we are with advice for women, kindly suggested by the men and women who date them. Some of this advice is the same advice that people wanted to give to the men! But some of it is different. Then next week we'll share your many, many horrifying (although sometimes okay) Online Dating Stories and we'll all have a good cry, laugh or "awww" together. For now, though, here's what our respondents [...]


Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide for Men

This post is sponsored by eHarmony. Date smarter. Start now, free! Alright! 2,208 people actually completed our survey last week about online dating. So, for starters this week, we're looking at responses about online dating by people who date men. It's a combination of helpful tips, deep experiences and some frank examples of what dudes might think about not doing. We want to help you, guys—but you have to allow us. So open your minds, and your heart will follow. Or something like that. Let us take you through it all, from profile picture, to email exchanges, to meeting and greeting. Take our hand, we'll get there together! [...]