Depiction Verisimilar

“I saw him. He looked like a natural homeless guy. He didn’t seem like he was acting. He was an excellent homeless man. He was putting his hand in the trash. He looked like a real homeless guy finding something . . . like the homeless men I see in many different places.”


When We Pretend We’re Dead: Eight Actors On Their Death Scenes

Down the rabbit hole of online message boards, few topics are ranked and debated with the same intensity as the Greatest Onscreen Deaths (e.g., "Best Film Deaths," "50 Best Movie Deaths,” "Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time," and that’s before we even start talking about the “Best Deaths By ___” categories). The criteria for ranking these scenes vary; some are judged by degree of violence, others by such particulars as the songs accompanying the scenes. But there's one aspect of onscreen death these lists leave out: What's it like on the other side of the camera?

It seems like these scenes would be [...]