Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Prop 8: Mormon Persecution, Marriage and the Refuge of Patriotism

About a year ago, a friend from Utah called to tell me that he was gay. I'll call him James, though that's absolutely not his real name. This would have been March or April, about six months after Prop 8 passed. We spent two hours on the phone that night, and several more over the next few weeks. He'd talked about it on some anonymous online forums, and even been on one or two tentative dates, but I was otherwise the first person that he told. I wonder now if he chose me because he could call from two thousand miles away: if I were to reject him, at [...]


Team Earth! A Cure for the Common Cold

Everyone's got a "green vertical" these days, because the planet is very important. Now, thank the Goddess, we have one too.

If you are like me, you have many friends who care a lot about the planet and are trying to "reduce" their "impact," as well as put fewer (non-natural) drugs in their bodies. It's a return to simpler, older ways of doing things. Along the way, people have discovered that worm composting is fun! But there are so few "green" options when you get sick. With an overburdened, groaning health care system and all the hormones and chemicals that are already coming through your insufficiently-regulated drinking water, there's [...]