Thursday, July 18th, 2013

This Place Looks Like This Thing

Tunisia, why are you turning your nose up like that at poor Sicily? Who can you possibly think you're better than? You're where George Lucas was allowed to have a camera.

You remember that picture where if you looked at it one way it was a haggard old lady and if you looked at it the other way it was a beautiful woman? I just looked at the old lady face in Alaska upside down and it looked like an upside-down old lady.


State Slogans: Ranked And Saluted

51. Washington—"SayWa!" The worst part of "Take Your Kid to Work" day is that this came out of it.

50. Maryland—"Maryland of Opportunity" Maryland of Awful Puns.

49. Rhode Island—"Unwind" Sounds suspiciously like a chance to nap. See also: Things this slogan will make you do.

48. Nevada—"The Battle Born State" This slogan is only cool if it refers to Harry Reid's career as a boxer.

47. Wisconsin—"Live like you mean it" A bad inspirational mini-poster from a Wheaties box. It would be on a shelf next to the 1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team cups from McDonalds, but even John Stockton and Scottie Pippen would eye it [...]