Monday, October 18th, 2010

15 Bands I Will Probably Not See At CMJ This Year, Based Solely On Their Names

15. Wakey Wakey

14. The Twees

13. Skeet Skeet

12. Penguin Prison

11. Penguin Penguin

10. Oh Snap!


Understudies! "Carrie": The Worst Musical Ever

There are many flops in the annals of Broadway history, but none-not even "Anna Karenina"-are as notorious as "Carrie," the 1988 musical adapted from the Stephen King novel and Brian De Palma film. The musical was co-produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, responsible for more high-brow and conceptual productions that were not intended to be coupled with cheesy pop-rock scores for American audiences who expected to understand what the hell is going on. Initially, critics even claimed that the subject matter was too dark for a musical, which is hardly the case; serious musicals like "West Side Story," "Sweeney Todd," "Evita," and-in the previous Broadway season-"The Phantom of the [...]


Courtney Love Live: The Train That Never Really Wrecks

Hole has been touring hard this summer. The band is now in Minneapolis, then heading for Japan, then playing some west coast dates. Early on, the words "disaster" were being used-but by the time they got to Texas, the reports we were hearing were "amazing." Our chief Chicagoland correspondent reports in.

I woke up early the morning that the tickets for the Hole concert went on sale just in case the show sold out. The idea of seeing Courtney Love-a for-real rock icon-live made me freak out. I didn't bother to make plans with friends to see the show; I assumed that I'd know a handful of people [...]


The Top 25 Things Strangers Have Said or Typed Upon Connecting with Me on ChatRoulette This Weekend

25. "Ohhh, he's cute!"

24. "lol"

23. "WHAT?!"


21. "sing me a song"