Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

A Brief Survey of the High Line Park

A statistical analysis of 100 people in order this afternoon on the High Line.


It (Isn't?) Easy Being Mean

In the end, I guess it's just so easy, and that's the whole problem.

It certainly was easy this past weekend. Sometime after a breakfast, but before a birthday picnic, I sat in my buddy's apartment as he checked in with Facebook. "Oh, I guess people are getting their iPads today," he said. Sure, I knew that people were waking up early and getting their long-awaited iPads, even camping out. (The only thing I've ever camped out for were Sting tickets, after his first and greatest solo album, so I sort of understand, but actually don't.) Anyway, he shows me a picture of what seems to be a nice [...]


The Pride, Part 6: Who's Done Whom?


As "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" plays on the stereo, MARK and STEPHEN put down the tray of drinks as OMAR, GREG, and ERIC approach. Noting the movement inside, CORY PHAEUS peers inside, then draws KELLY and JILL's attention inside as well. Just as the song reaches the lyric "Now put you hands up," the five men are suddenly standing in a line, positioned as the dancers of the song's video.


The Pride, Part Five: Of Mojitos and Monogamy


OMAR, MARK, and GREG enter from Omar's bedroom. "Be My Boyfriend" by Offer Nissim is playing on the stereo. Stephen and Eric are drinking blueberry-ginger mojitos near the stereo. THE LESBIAN CHORUS is on the balcony watching the Pride Parade on Fifth Avenue.


The Pride, Part Four: Bedroom Briefing

INT. OMAR'S APARTMENT (at 108 Fifth Avenue)

OMAR Okay. So, um … Mark and Greg? Cory, Kelli, and Jill. [MARK and GREG retrieve their clothing on the floor outside the bathroom. They look awkwardly at THE LESBIAN CHORUS. Omar briskly walks toward the two guys.] In the bedroom. Now. [Looking back toward STEPHEN, ERIC, and THE LESBIAN CHORUS with a wink and a smile] Just a sec, okay?


The Pride, Part Three: Guests And The Sapphic Chorus Arrive

INT. OMAR'S APARTMENT, 108 Fifth Avenue OMAR is fluffing grey and ecru corduroy pillows on the Vladimir Kagan sectional sofa upholstered in Edelman "Luxe Calf" Butter Rum. "The Flash" by Act Yo Age plays at a moderate volume. Jauntily, he passes to the "kitchen area" where he grabs a BioBag 10-gallon white garbage bag and then heads to the front door. Opening the front door, he faces GREG and MARK.


The Pride, Part Two (A Screenplay by Rod Townsend)

Part Two: "Pilgrimage" (Previously: Part One)

EXT. FIFTH AVENUE BETWEEN 15th AND 16th STREETS, SIDEWALK ON WEST SIDE OF THE STREETTHE PARADE is in progress. We see the amfAR float, filled with volunteers in yellow tee shirts, five men in square-cut nylon/lycra swimsuits and a drag queen in a red dress. It is blaring "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull. THE CROWD is diverse (though gay-heavy) and active with picture taking, cheering, observing, socializing, and moving (mostly in a downtown direction).


The Pride, Part One (A Screenplay By Rod Townsend)

Part One OPENING VIGNETTE and CREDITS CUE MUSIC: Ramalama (Bang Bang), Róisín Murphy

INT. OMAR'S BATHROOM ON LOWER FIFTH AVENUE, MANHATTAN The camera is lost in fog, but then reveals a straight shot at the fogged mirror of a bathroom medicine cabinet. A tanned, darkly-hairy muscular hand and forearm reaches to open the cabinet, revealing three shelves filled with Kiehl's, Omorovicza, Sisley and other beauty products, arranged artfully. OMAR'S hand grabs a tube of Dr. Sebagh "Anti-Pollution Purifying Mask," squeezes out a generous glob, and comes toward the camera.