Friday, November 4th, 2011

Do You Have Garbage Taste in Music? A Quiz

1) Who is your favorite Beatle? A) John: +0 points. B) Paul: +1 point. C) Ringo: +0 point. D) George: +5 points.

2) Who is your favorite musical Jackson? A) Michael Jackson: +0 points. B) Janet Jackson: +0 points. C) Wanda Jackson: +0 points. D) Jackson Browne: +5 points.

3) How many members of the Indigo Girls can you name? For each one, +5 points.

4) Do you own any jazz records? A) Yes, many: + 0 points. B) No, none: +3 points. C) I own one jazz album, “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis: +3 points. D) Yes, I own several Kenny G albums: +5 points. [...]


Who Wore It Better: Heart or Spoon?

On any given night, there are dozens of rock bands in New York. Tonight, we're hosting an unusual convergence of which, it seems, only I am aware. The rock band Heart is playing a concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom tonight, and the rock band Spoon is playing a song on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," then opening for Arcade Fire tomorrow and Thursday at Madison Square Garden. If I had personal acquaintances with both bands, I would suggest they meet while they are in town together, and discuss a similarity between two of their songs.