Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Angry Words: Let's Restore Honor To Online Scrabble

The word “quale” is a noun. It comes from Latin, rhymes with Pixar’s robot, and means, most commonly, “the quality of a thing.” For instance: the particular redness of a particular McIntosh apple. According to the OED, this usage first appeared in 1675, then again in 1875, which, as far as I can tell, was also its last usage. Or it was, until a few weeks ago, when a friend of mine earned 32 points by playing the “e” on a Double Word Score in a game of the Scrabble-simulator “Words with Friends.”

More than ten million people have downloaded “Words with Friends,” and many others play similar versions: [...]


The Best Comments from Oprah Book Club’s Online Discussion of “Freedom”

Today, on the nearly-over Oprah Winfrey show: "One family comes forward about their secret relationship with Michael Jackson. Then, best-selling author Jonathan Franzen and Oprah's new book club pick." While Franzen has taken the Oprahtunity to recommend 34 books to America, Oprah's America has already weighed in on him. Note: sic throughout.

Emily72: I sware! don't people know how to raise kids anymore?! Parents keep apologizing for being incharge, for heavens sake! No wonder people are insecure and act like idiots.

Buckley06: I cannot understand what Oprah saw in this unless it is the constant political rants. If I have to read one more, I swear [...]


26 Songs Heard At The U.S. Open In Order of Their Ability To Pump Up A Professional Athlete

26. "The Price is Right" theme, Sheila Cole

25. "Hava Nagila," The Jews

24. "Funkytown," Lipps Inc.

23. "Give It To Me Baby, Rick James

22. "DJ Got Us Falling in Love," Usher

21. "Philadelphia Freedom," Elton John

20. "Unwritten," Natasha Bedingfield


What I Saw On My Way To Citi Field

New Yorkers are in a unique anthropological position to observe their fellow citizens divided into two bitter factions, rooting for athletic blood enemies. I chanced upon a meeting of the dueling tribes last night, in the wild, on a packed 7 train from Vernon Jackson Boulevard to Citi Field. This is what I saw.