Friday, August 17th, 2012

Not-Yet-Famous People And Whether They Lived Or Died On "The X-Files"

It’s been ten years since its end, but "The X-Files" still remains enchanting for a few reasons: Awful clay animation, silly one-liners, absurd jumps in logic (Exhibit A: Mulder), and availability on your August pal, the Netflix Instant queue. Watching Mulder and Scully's relationship evolve and complicate over the years gives the show its core, but the reliance on two-dimensional characters who can be easily killed off by monsters and/or the government keeps the whole thing exciting. Adding a little frisson to the question of who-will-live-or-die is that sometimes these extras (and probable casualties) are played by people who went on to become well-known performers in their own right. [...]


The Ten Most Surprising Vice Presidential Nominations From The Last 52 Years

Mitt Romney is poised to announce his VP nominee any day now, and speculation continues to swirl around his choice. The current favorites—from the media's perspective, at least—are Tim Pawlenty, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Rob Portman, but who knows? Presidential nominees have shocked the world with their VP choices more than once in the past, and maybe Romney will choose someone surprising and exciting (probably not). As we wait to see, let's take a look at ten of the more question-mark-worthy picks of recent memory.


What Does A Pack Of Cigarettes Cost In Each State Now?

This information has been updated as of August, 2014. Click here!

Last summer, we checked the price of cigarettes state by state and in D.C. Here's how prices have increased and decreased since then.

51. West Virginia (last year $4.74): $4.84 = +2% 50. New Hampshire ($5.87): $4.86 = -20% 49. Tennessee ($5.56): $4.91 = -13% 48. North Dakota ($4.91): $5.03 = +2% 47. Idaho ($4.99): $5.11 +2% 46. North Carolina ($5.51): $5.14 = -7% 45. Alabama ($5.27): $5.18 = -2% 44. Colorado ($5.96): $5.19 = -15% 43. Wyoming ($5.50): $5.21 = -6% 42. Oklahoma ($6.19): $5.24 = -18% 41. Virginia ($5.55): $5.43 = -2% 40. [...]