Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Ryan Reynolds Is Sick Of Talking About His Abs

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Ryan Reynolds is ready to trade one six pack for another. The actor admitted he was sick of talking about his well-defined abs, which are on display so prominently in the new, big-screen adaptation of "The Green Lantern" comic-book series that they practically deserve their own billing. "God, on a scale of one to 10 — one being, 'This is delightful' to 10 being, 'I can't stop vomiting' — probably somewhere around a nine; just dry-heaving at this point," the actor noted, with a smile. —Physiques ab-solutely key to 'Lantern' (AP)

He jabs a finger into his open mouth a couple of times [...]


Dear Insane Silverback Gorilla Bling

What is your sad story? Why were you sitting in the window of an otherwise unremarkable jewelry shop in New York's Diamond District, just after Christmas, amidst other comparatively tasteful—if far less garishly ambitious—baubles? Did the primate-loving impresario who commissioned you, perhaps overestimating the sustainability of some heady, early success in the hip-hop and/or high-end poaching games, fall on hard times, leaving you imprisoned with other sparkling victims of a still-foundering economy? Are you roaring with rage at the nearby watches, with their diamond-encrusted faces the size of stop signs, for the utter banality of their excess?


"Dancing With The Stars" Contestants Ranked In Reverse Order Of Their Ability To Hold My Attention

• Rick Fox

• David Hasselhoff

• The Raven Kid from Disney, Or Nickelodeon, Or ABC Family Or Wherever Raven Was

• Jennifer Grey