Tuesday, September 9th, 2014


@[redacted]: #StandUpFor soft drinks, duh

@[redacted]: #StandUpFor real cold soft drinks, realllllll cold

@[redacted]: I’ve, uh, I’ve been alerted that maybe last couple tweets were out of line. Will conduct a full investigation now

@[redacted]: oh my god

@[redacted]: oh my god, I’m so sorry

@[redacted]: I’m so sorry

@[redacted]: I did not look into that hashtag before I participated in it. I am looking now. there is no room for soft drinks

@[redacted]: I was just trying to spread happiness. I apologize to everyone, everywhere. for once, soft drinks aren’t needed

@[redacted]: @[redacted1] I’m so sorry you were offended. I didn’t mean it. I really do stand [...]


August Never Ends


In the gleaming, unblemished offices of an internet media company, located in a revitalized industrial district now home to seed-funded start-ups, dozens of young people sit in front of computers. The computers seem angry; the office looks like the inside of a soda can. A calendar reads “August 15.”

DEREK sits in front of one of these computers. He’s wearing a collared shirt and jeans. He tried to wear a denim jacket once, but he felt like a cowboy, in a bad way.

Derek is talking to GWYN, who he would like to sleep with, but also respects, as a person.

DEREK: It’s horrible. GWYN: [...]


Why I Left

Legend has it that William Howard Taft once got stuck in a bathtub. It probably isn’t true, in the way that so many bits of history are just oversold dad jokes. But let’s say, for a second, that it is true. Or better yet: Taft didn’t get stuck. He just decided to stay in the bath.

I thought about William Howard Taft as I soaped myself. I’d left the door to the bathroom open, and I could feel the chill beyond the curtain; I knew what awaited me when I shut off the water and stepped, dripping, from the shower. Even though, when I’d come into the shower three minutes [...]


Death of a Mr. Dream

The first Mr. Dream show was on Halloween night, 2008 in a New York City apartment. Adam Moerder, Matt Morello, and Nick Sylvester dressed up as Dhalsim from Street Fighter, Daniel Day-Lewis and “the Karate Kid [after] letting himself go (concept costume),” respectively, and played to a room that included “two furious girls who kept trying to dance and failing, since you can't really dance to a band that sounds like Nirvana, or the Wipers.” Over the next five years the band would go on to release a few EPs and an LP; tour with Archers of Loaf, Sleigh Bells, CSS, and Cloud Nothings; and sing in the [...]


A Q&A With Amy Klein Of Titus Andronicus

A literate, anthem-prone punk band from New Jersey, Titus Andronicus put out their fantastic second album, The Monitor, in 2010. Shortly after its release, multi-instrumentalist Amy Klein joined the group to play guitar and violin; she also brought along a fierce and charismatic personality that plays a big role in making Titus' live shows some of the most riveting in contemporary music.

Between shows for another project of hers, Hilly Eye, I sat down with Klein at Cafe Lafayette in Brooklyn to discuss climbing on top of speakers, Patti Smith, Joanna Newsom, why everyone should read Rat Girl, and Girls Rock Camp, where she volunteers as a counselor.