Thursday, March 11th, 2010

The Assembled Picture Library of New York City

Esopus Space, the New York exhibition and performance venue operated by the same nonprofit foundation that publishes Esopus magazine, is currently playing host to The Assembled Picture Library of New York City, a new art show-cum-workshop brainstormed by artists Robin Cameron and Jason Polan. It's a collaborative exhibition; it's a workshop: it merges the notions of gallery exhibit, art studio and potluck dinner into an interactive exercise that the two New York-based artists hope will "create a collaborative and creative relationship with the general public, and also to enable a sense of community around artists' processes."


Game Misconduct, with Eric J. Herboth: Who Will Hire Allen Iverson, the Best Basketball Player Ever?

So Allen Iverson retired. Sort of. Maybe. Though he's been on an indefinite personal leave from the Memphis Grizzlies since earlier this month, after having played just three games for them, Iverson announced with a surprise statement that he was, as of this week, officially hanging it up. In typical Iverson fashion, even this retirement is controversial.


Booked Up, with Eric J. Herboth: 'In Search of the Multiverse'

In May of 2008, Brazil's National Indian Foundation, a government agency, published aerial photos of what was reported to be a tribe of uncontacted peoples living in a remote corner of the Amazonian rainforest. The images depicted several men, painted a bright red and brandishing bows and arrows, ready to attack the mysterious aircraft above. The images were sensational and stirred much controversy, and in an anthropological way pointed out the subtle notion of perspective that lies at the heart of some of the most advanced thinking in theoretical physics. Namely, denied the proper position of reference, can one be cognizant of true isolation? When one can't see the [...]