Friday, May 17th, 2013

Hanksy Makes Good: From Art Goof To Art Star

In 2012, Hanksy was a street artist gaining a degree of notoriety for his street art depicting Tom Hanks as a Banksy rat. Since then, he has sold out multiple New York gallery shows, created a large and loyal band of internet supporters, energetic detractors, and is about to open his first show in Los Angeles, at Gallery 1988. Since my first interview with Hanksy, we have become good friends. I do not believe this infringes on my ability to ask questions about pun-based street art.

EA: Hanksy, we meet again. The first time I interviewed you was in February of 2012. How much has your life changed since [...]


An Interview with Hanksy

Hanksy is a street artist who puts Tom Hanks’ face on copies of Banksy’s art. His first show, which just closed at the Krause Gallery on the Lower East Side, and where the menu offered boxes of chocolates and Dr. Pepper, nearly sold out completely, according to the dealer. “I think what made it such a success is the genuine honesty in it,” gallery owner Ben Krause told me. “Hanksy really is a huge Tom Hanks fan and a huge Banksy fan.”

Images of Hanksy’s pieces, pasted and sprayed over walls in both New York and Chicago, gained momentum over corners of the internet, not just those [...]


'Twilight: Eclipse': But Can We Talk About the Wigs???

Obviously I was taken to see Eclipse because my friend knows me well enough to know that, not only have I read the series, and seen the other movies, but I also have thoughts about both. Mostly these thoughts are about Mormon sexuality and anti-abortion propaganda, but also about how I give Robert Pattinson credit for wanting to be a good actor, and how I have nothing but empathy for how bonkers his life must be. Anyway, that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is wigs.


Dear The Left: A Breakup Letter, by E. A. Hanks

A revolution conducted by people who have only a group identity can only replace one monolith of power with another, one misery with another, perpetuating the cycle of domination and oppression. In solitude, the individual becomes most human, which is to say, most spiritual. -Curtis White, 'The Spirit of Disobedience: An Invitation,' Harper's Magazine, April 2006.

Dear The Left,

It's interesting that you couldn't keep Kennedy's Massachusetts Senate seat. I'm taking it for granted that you understand that I don't mean "interesting" at all, but rather "detestable."

This latest event brings me to new levels of apathy, in part because it confirms my suspicion that you cannot accomplish [...]


An Interview with Intern Thomas Kaplan, From Inside Vanity Fair's Closet

Vanity's summer intern Thomas Kaplan has been locked in a Conde Nast research closet to watch cable news from 9-5 for four days straight-while being broadcast on the internets. Today, while he alternately sat through CNBC, had lunch with a pretty, young fellow intern, and asked his viewers what celebrities he looks like, he also chatted with me-a former Vanity Fair intern myself-about his experiences at the forefront of modern journalism.


Random Missives: Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix,

I understand the theory behind your "We'd Think You'd Like" recommendations, but I have to say I've taken umbrage with my list.