Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

My Latest Obsession: Why You Should Give "Gilmore Girls" Another Chance

TV shows are rarely underrated anymore. The days of a pretty good show having one season and getting canceled ("Freaks and Geeks" being a prime example) are, for the most part, over. Now there are fan blogs and "f yeah" Tumblrs that allow fan bases to be very vocal and create a buzz that sometimes might even be louder than the show deserves. To find a truly under-appreciated show, you have to take a hard look at that little pocket of time that exists pre-microsharing and high speed internet, and post-when things are accepted as classics just by virtue of nostalgia and what we're told they meant at [...]


My Latest Obsession: The Nintendo 3DS

If you're like me, sometimes you're on a subway or plane ride thinking to yourself, "Oh man, I wish I could play a portable video game that has 3D effects not unlike the experience I had in the theater when I watched Avatar!" or, "Oh man, I could really go for a turkey sandwich from Torrisi right now!" Well, good news: the Nintendo 3DS now resolves at least one of those desires.


The Skorpion Show On Beyonce's New Single 'Girls (Who Run The World)'

When something as significant as the release of Beyoncé's first new single in two years happens, everyone on the internet seems to feel the need to share their opinions and expert criticisms, this website included. But as we racked our brains trying to figure out what to do for it, this video review by The Skorpion Show crossed our paths and articulated everything and anything we would ever hope to say, but better and more sincerely than we ever could. It should also be noted that this video is a response to the demo version of the song that leaked yesterday, and not the official version that came out [...]


NCAA March Madness Bracket Contest Recap: Who Wins An Awl?

Last night, the UConn Huskies—which, by the way, have you ever taken a close look at their logo? the dog looks SO happy—won the men's college basketball national championship with a win over Butler. You have probably already read, you intrepid sports fan you, that the title game was one of the worst ever, and if you watched it, you probably thought to yourself, "Wow, those look like taller versions of my friends and I playing basketball." (That's what I thought to myself.) But what probably hasn't been articulated enough is how insufferable fans of UConn are.


LIVEBLOG: The Cobra Capture Press Conference

The 20-inch-long Egyptian cobra who had been on the loose since Friday has now been caught! There is a press conference scheduled for 4pm (which will be streamed live on 7online.com) that will hopefully give more details. Before we liveblog, here's what we know so far.


Some Brief Impressions Of The Village Voice Choice Eats Event, Including Thoughts On The Term "Foodie"

Walking up to the 69th Armory in Gramercy (Is that what that area at 26th street and Lexington is called? Or is that Murray Hill? I always have trouble differentiating it as anything other than the place where the people-I-went-to-college-with-who–I-don't-necessarily-really-hang-out-with-anymore-although-they-still-show-up-on-my-Gchat-and-I-definitely-read-their-status-messages-on-the-reg live and consider themselves to be "downtown.") and seeing the line of half Asian/half not-Asian people wrap, literally, around the entire block, you would have thought the Village Voice's food event Choice Eats would be a complete disaster. But once you entered the large room, sectioned off convention-style with booths and booths of restaurants, it was actually pretty organized and without that really crowded feeling that comes with [...]


The Awl Bracket Contest Update: The One Where Readers Find Out That The Tournament Is Still Going On!

Believe it or not, the NCAA college basketball tournament is still going on! In fact, it's a very exciting tournament that is currently taking place! Upsets (teams that are seeded lower and less favored to win, are defeating teams that are higher seeded and more favored to win!) are happening left and right! Here's how crazy it is: Of the almost 6 million brackets filled out on ESPN, only TWO of them correctly predicted the Final Four (the four teams that make it to the semifinals) correctly. That is a very low percentage! I'm not sure if you'll believe this, but none of the intrepid Awl sports fans were [...]


The Awl Bracket Contest Update: In Which Everyone Learns That TruTV Is Channel 779

Wow! Now I don't want to speak for everyone here, but I think we can safely say that the first two rounds of this tournament (I'm ignoring the nonsensical practice of calling the play-in games the first round. Is anyone who's not being paid by the NCAA actually calling it this?) have been pretty crazy! Equally exciting: the The Official 2011 Awl March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge Sponsored By The Awl! Let's go through some of the highlights.


Sign Up For The Official 2011 Awl March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge Presented By The Awl!

That's right, folks, it's that time again! The ides of March are upon us, and it's TIME TO GO MAD! Don't have any idea what I'm talking about? Well, that makes sense as I've currently not given you much, if any, context with which to understand what I'm saying. Wait, but you know what, readers of The Awl are so sports savvy*, I'm sure you guys caught my "mad March" reference up there as an allusion to our (now) annual tradition: The Official 2011 Awl March Madness Bracket Tournament Challenge Sponsored By The Awl!


Here's Why You Need A Sweater

So it's March (surprise!) and you may be thinking, "Oh man! Thank goodness winter is almost over!" In fact, you may even be THAT GUY, the one who grew up in Wisconsin or wherever who always, when there is just a little bit of sun outside and the temperature creeps into the low 50's (despite it still being "feels like" mid-40's with the wind chill factor), puts on shorts and a hoodie and walks around pretending like you're not freezing, because you're just so aggressive about transitioning into spring, or something—even as I write this I'm trying to understand the logic of this particular type of person [...]


Odd Future, Hip-Hop, Misogyny, and the Internet

There's a fight happening on Tumblr right now (man, this sentence is not starting off very well!) that revolves around the misogynistic "character" of Tyler, the frontman of the recently very-internet-popular California rap group Odd Future. One argument is that as an artist his intent is to provoke and push the boundaries of what we're comfortable with, and because of that we shouldn't try to quiet his self-expression. The counterpoint is that he's crude and offensive. There's also a third, much smaller argument that's happening adjacent to the first two arguments that pits [NAME REDACTED] (sure, why not) against Tyler in a "who's worse" contest. [...]


Here's Why You Need A Roku Box

Do you want to be your best self? Sure you do. Here's how to start. Buy a Roku Box. Wait, what? Your life plan for being the best you can be didn't involve a small $100 box that would allow you to watch Netflix Watch Instantly and all sorts of other online streaming television AND media files from a portable hard drive via USB directly on your TV? Well, that's why you're letting us—me, your parents, everybody—all down with what you've done with yourself thus far.


Here's Why You Need A Cast Iron Skillet

Surprisingly, I have met many people who do not know the difference between a cast iron skillet and any other normal frying pan. Are you one of them? It pains me to say this, but it must be said: That's ignorant on your part. It's like not knowing the difference between Michael Jordan and every other basketball player ever, which is just exceptionally ignorant. In both the case of the cast iron skillet vs. the regular frying pan and Michael Jordan vs. every other basketball player ever, you're unaware that both cast iron skillets and Michael Jordan are the best of all time in their respective fields.

So, [...]


Korean People Seem To Prefer Asian People On Their Superhero Movie Posters

Some people don't seem to know that the Jay Chou, the Taiwanese person who plays Kato in the new Green Hornet movie is actually somewhat of an Asian megastar! This might be why on the Korean version of the posters (which is the same version that's being used in other Asian markets), Chou is featured front and center, with Seth Rogen's big face hiding in the shadows (compared to the new US poster released today, which is just a car). Cameron Diaz, also pretty famous with Koreans, gets a more prominent placement in comparison to the American poster, where she's not featured at all.


American Express Small Business Saturday: Support Local Businesses and You Could Earn $25!

As the holiday shopping season opens, it's the best time of year to shop at your favorite local, independent businesses. So on November 27, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, join the movement and celebrate Small Business Saturday. Spend at least $25 using your registered American Express® Card at a small business that day to earn a $25 statement credit from American Express.

It's a way of honoring the businesses that are the backbone of the economy. It's also an important way to support your own neighbors, because for every $100 spent at local small businesses, $68 returns to the community, according to Civic Economics.

Small Business Saturday is being presented in [...]


Former Page Six Reporter Neel Shah: America's Next Top Model?

Earlier this summer, the New York media world was rocked by the departure of Page Six reporter/mascot Neel Shah, who moved to Los Angeles to pursue a writing career with the upcoming NBC/Imagine Entertainment sitcom "Friends With Benefits." Shah's West Coast exploits have remained unreported, but now sources close to the former Postie tell us that, not content with working solely behind the camera, he is making plans to put himself in front of it.


Win A Car On Foursquare By Checking In With Mazda

Mazda, Foursquare and some great websites, including this one, are still giving away a car. It is still very easy to participate and win a brand new Mazda Zoom 2!

How easy? All you have to do is follow Mazda on Foursquare. Check into a few of the places they have listed, get the Mazda badges, and just like that, you're entered into to win a brand new automobile. Can you believe it? That's it!

Here's a few of the recommended check-in places for New York: the Gramercy Theatre, Brooklyn Bowl, Barcade, Top Shop, and plenty more here. I mean, you're going to these [...]


In Case You Are Not A Fan Of Sleeping.

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SPONSORED POST: Win A Car From Mazda

So here's the deal:


SPONSORED POST: Favorite Places In New York Sponsored By The New Kia Sportage – The High Line

It's pretty easy to disparage the High Line. In a lot of ways, it's a tour de force of ostentatious dickheadery: it's funded by the mega-rich to have a mega-rich-looking place close to their homes and offices. Nearby restaurants sell overpriced incarnations of street food. It's constructed with the intent to be charming and loved (I'm looking at you, preserved railroad tracks with benches on them!) in the same way that Miley Cyrus songs are constructed so that you can't help but enjoy them in spite of yourself. So it's a testament to the park's awesomeness that, in the face of all of these nuisances, it is [...]