Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Camden in the Outfield

The other Sunday was Wedding Day at Campbell's Field, the ballpark for the Camden Riversharks. Fans could have their vows renewed by the team's general manager, a recently ordained minister, right on the field. About a half hour before the opening pitch, a middle-aged couple stood at home plate while he read their vows into a microphone. "I promise to love, honor and cherish you," boomed the park's speakers. It echoed back from the enormous medieval-looking stones supporting the Ben Franklin Bridge, along with the sandy, metallic gliding of a PATCO train riding along the bridge's shoulder. When the manager instructed the groom, "you may kiss the bride," the crowd [...]


That Millennial Marketing Verve

Last summer, a dozen people, mostly in their late teens and early twenties, crowded into a living room in Aldan, Pennsylvania, a small working-class suburb outside of Philadelphia. They toggled back and forth between smartphones and tablets while they downed an energy drink called Verve. "Did you know Red Bull and Monster can stay on the shelf for more than four years?" one guest told another. "That’s disgusting," the other person replied. "Verve has a shelf life of eight months." The chatter continued until Erin Wilkers, the twenty-year-old college dropout who had invited them into her parents’ home, quieted them and began her soliloquy. "I’m just going to start off [...]