Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Girls in Country Songs

The beginning of Maddie & Tae's video for "Girl in a Country Song" is familiar to any CMT viewer: two sun-tanned hotties in cowboy boots and bikini tops walking on a dirt road, ogled by plaid-shirted men hanging out on their pickup truck's tailgate. But then we pan past some hay bales to Maddie & Tae, two blonde nineteen-year-olds from Texas and Oklahoma, respectively, holding guitars and rolling their eyes. "Well, I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feet," they sing, "And it's getting kinda cold in these painted-on cut off jeans." In the rest of the song, Maddie & Tae not only call out [...]


Diary of a Young American Girl in Los Angeles

"Lolita is a burlesque of the confessional mode, the literary diary." —Alfred Appel Jr., in his introduction to The Annotated Lolita

"Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses ‘cause we’re gonna take a ride." —Lana Del Rey

I moved to Los Angeles at the end of last summer to sell my soul to the internet. When my job opportunity in new-media listicle construction fell through, I searched for sublets on Craigslist to borrow time. My first roommate was offering a room in an Echo Park bungalow-cum-rapper crash pad. He was an indie hip-hop producer who is, in his own way, pretty famous; I’d wake up to find [...]